Friday, June 15, 2012

Starting the journey...

As we begin our journey down the aisle... I thought I would document the happenings around us.

It's true what they say about God always having a plan for us. He always has his plan in motion even when we make decisions for ourselves that do not follow his plan. I believe that Henry has always been a part of God's plan for me. Having known each other since high school, God kept putting Henry within an arm's length, even when I don't remember him being there. (haha) God had a plan and 8 years later, he put Henry at my school.

Walking down the hallway, I remember looking at each other and saying "Do you know who I am?" Once that was out of the way we started locking eyes as I dropped my students off for PE (early) and picking them up (early). After losing a bet, on what I don't remember, I owed Henry breakfast. This started a morning ritual, which usually meant Henry bringing me breakfast. Our work family began to notice and many started our relationship in their own minds before we even went out on our first date. My kids started noticing too. They even told a substutitute that Mr. Martin would give her money for a drink or bring her breakfast, like he does for Ms. Hughes. They notice EVERYTHING! After finding a honeybun in my breakfast bag on Valentine's Day, I knew at least one of us was hooked. (haha honeybun=love, obviously!) Once we started "dating" I think we both knew this was it and fast forward to 2 years later (March) here we are.

- - - - - - - - -

Henry proposed April of this year. We went out to eat for my birthday and he informed me that I would have to search the house for my present. I began to think, obviously he didn't get me the ceiling fan I thought I was getting. (haha, How would he hide a ceiling fan box?) Once I was given a couple clues, I knew I was looking for something small and then I found the jewelry box. I came around the corner saying, "shouldn't you be on one knee and are you going to ask me something." The poor fella was sore from umpiring his first recreation game of the season, but he got down on one knee and asked if I would "wear that ring for the rest of our lives." I said YES and helped him back up. (haha) Now we are planning our "rustic" country wedding for 03.30.13 and we're excited to start the rest of our lives.


I am so happy for you Hope! I enjoyed reading your love's so sweet :)

aww... great story! Thanks for following my blog.

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