Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Honeymoon in the Mountains

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For our honeymoon we decided to do something simple and relaxing. No cruise, no tropics, just the two of us. We rented a cabin on Brother's Cove that was literally hanging off the mountain. There were 2 fireplaces, 2 TVs, a pool table and a hot tub! It was AWESOME! Highly Recommended!


We spent our time havin lunches, dinners, and ice cream. We even took in the Lumberjack Fued Show. On our way home, Henry wanted to visit the Bush's Bake Bean Factory that we passed on our trip two years ago and on our trip up that Sunday. We shopped, ate, and visited their museum. It may have been our most interesting stop of the trip. When we arrived home, Mama had decorated the yard Welcoming Mr. & Mrs. Martin Home and had a sign up from her and Daddy saying that they LOVED THEIR SON-IN-LAW! It was the cutest thing. We had a wonderful relaxing vacation and were ready to start the rest of our lives together.


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